Why Freezylist is not another listing platform

Everyday, we are met with information related to the next big improvement for real estate. There is Purple Bricks, Zillow Offers, BRRRR, and an assortment of various offerings touting improvements to real estate. Hwoever, are these really improvements to those who own the real estate, or just new ways for market leaders to impact their profitability?

What's that? You would like my opinion?

Ok, well as a real estate professional, I can attest that almost all the initiatives to make real estate more tech friendly is done so to monetize real estate professionals. This means that the real property owners are left with fewer and fewer options to control one of their most significant financial assets (their real property assets).

Why is this, you ask? Simple, there are virtually no methods for a homeowner to sell their property without a broker anymore. Years back, classifieds in newspapers and yard signs were more effective than they are today, yet these same options are basically what FSBO homes are covered under.

But, aren't there hundreds of For Sale By Owner sites?

Yes, but mostly no.

The only true 'By Owner' option today is craigslist. The rest are MLS Adjacent sites who offer a Flat Fee MLS listing, which serves to place your house on the local MLS, which then sends this data to the Zillow Group companies, which when user try to contact you directly, they are directed to a broker instead. Meaning, you still need to pay a 3% commission on top of that listing fee to the 'Buyers Agent'.

Otherwise, you can list your home on the site and hope for the best. Then you need to figure out the contracts, figure a way to schedule viewings, put your phone number and email all over the place, field random calls, ask for important loan details, etc.

So no, these sites while they reference 'By Owner' are not at all 'Owner-Centric'. Our platform is the opposite. We do not ask for ANY fees, and exist only to help empower owners.

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